CS144's user-space TCP library
Address Member List

This is the complete list of members for Address, including all inherited members.

Address(const std::string &node, const std::string &service, const addrinfo &hints)Addressprivate
Address(const std::string &hostname, const std::string &service)Address
Address(const std::string &ip, const std::uint16_t port=0)Address
Address(const sockaddr *addr, const std::size_t size)Address
from_ipv4_numeric(const uint32_t ip_address)Addressstatic
ip() constAddressinline
ip_port() constAddress
ipv4_numeric() constAddress
operator const sockaddr *() constAddressinline
operator!=(const Address &other) constAddressinline
operator==(const Address &other) constAddress
port() constAddressinline
size() constAddressinline
to_string() constAddress