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tcp_state.hh File Reference
#include "tcp_receiver.hh"
#include "tcp_sender.hh"
#include <string>
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class  TCPState
 Summary of a TCPConnection's internal state. More...




const std::string TCPSenderStateSummary::CLOSED = "waiting for stream to begin (no SYN sent)"
const std::string TCPReceiverStateSummary::ERROR = "error (connection was reset)"
const std::string TCPSenderStateSummary::ERROR = "error (connection was reset)"
const std::string TCPSenderStateSummary::FIN_ACKED = "stream finished and fully acknowledged"
const std::string TCPReceiverStateSummary::FIN_RECV = "input to stream has ended"
const std::string TCPSenderStateSummary::FIN_SENT = "stream finished (FIN sent) but not fully acknowledged"
const std::string TCPReceiverStateSummary::LISTEN = "waiting for SYN: ackno is empty"
const std::string TCPSenderStateSummary::SYN_ACKED = "stream ongoing"
const std::string TCPReceiverStateSummary::SYN_RECV = "SYN received (ackno exists), and input to stream hasn't ended"
const std::string TCPSenderStateSummary::SYN_SENT = "stream started but nothing acknowledged"