Submitting your lab solution

To submit your lab solution, you will create an archive of your git history, scp it to, and run a submit script.

You are welcome to submit your solution as many times as you want; we will only grade the latest submission (but please make sure you understand how this will interact with the late homework policy!).

Note: We say <labnum> when we mean an integer in 0..8 corresponding to the lab exercise you’re submitting. For example, in the first step below, for lab zero you will create the file lab0.git. Similarly, <MySUNetID> means your SUNet login.

  1. From the git working directory on your VM, use the following command to archive your git repository:

     git bundle create /tmp/lab<labnum>.git --all

    Important: this command will create an archive of your git history, which means that your solution must be committed to your git repository! In addition, we will be grading only the master branch of your repository, so please be sure that branch corresponds to the solution you want to turn in.

  2. Next, use scp to transfer it to

     scp /tmp/lab<labnum>.git <MySUNetID>

    Important: don’t forget the final colon in the second argument to scp!

  3. Connect to rice and run the submit script:

     ssh <MySUNetID>
     /afs/ <labnum>

You will get a message indicating success:

Successfully submitted lab<labnum>.git as your solution to lab <labnum>.

Note: If you do not see this message, your homework has not been submitted! Double check the above steps, and contact the course staff if the issue persists.