CS144's user-space TCP library
wrapping_integers.cc File Reference
#include "wrapping_integers.hh"
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template<typename... Targs>
void DUMMY_CODE (Targs &&...)
uint64_t unwrap (WrappingInt32 n, WrappingInt32 isn, uint64_t checkpoint)
WrappingInt32 wrap (uint64_t n, WrappingInt32 isn)

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template<typename... Targs>
void DUMMY_CODE ( Targs &&  ...)

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◆ unwrap()

uint64_t unwrap ( WrappingInt32  n,
WrappingInt32  isn,
uint64_t  checkpoint 

Transform a WrappingInt32 into an "absolute" 64-bit sequence number (zero-indexed)

nThe relative sequence number
isnThe initial sequence number
checkpointA recent absolute 64-bit sequence number
the 64-bit sequence number that wraps to n and is closest to checkpoint
Each of the two streams of the TCP connection has its own ISN. One stream runs from the local TCPSender to the remote TCPReceiver and has one ISN, and the other stream runs from the remote TCPSender to the local TCPReceiver and has a different ISN.

Definition at line 31 of file wrapping_integers.cc.

◆ wrap()

WrappingInt32 wrap ( uint64_t  n,
WrappingInt32  isn 

Transform an "absolute" 64-bit sequence number (zero-indexed) into a WrappingInt32

nThe input absolute 64-bit sequence number
isnThe initial sequence number

Definition at line 16 of file wrapping_integers.cc.